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With the kind permission of John Scalzi, this site’s policies are inspired by his example.

As they say on Twitter, “What Scalzi says.”

Key points include:

  • This is my site and represents, if poorly worded at times, my opinion. All rites reserved.
  • Comments are welcome.
  • I will attempt to engage, if not busy with other duties.
  • Be nice. As Lou Grant said, “No hitting in the newsroom.” Scalzi’s simile of acting as if the person you were addressing was present and huge (and Green?) works well.
  • Beware of all statements that are hurtful generalizations about people, classes, economic orientation, investment policy, personal rituals, accessorizing etc.
  • Phobic speech is usually in poor taste.
  • Try to stay on topic. Try to be factual. Don’t linkdump or market.
  • I will ban people who persist after being warned.

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